San Diego Chimney and Fireplace Construction

Authentic Fireplaces proudly offers our clients an arrray of chimney and fireplace construction services. We offer complete chimney and fireplace restorations, replica chimneys for historical replica fireplace faces, using new, replica and original tile and brick to re-create 1900-1940 traditional designs. We remodel back to antique design chimneys and fireplaces, traditional design chimneys and fireplaces, Craftsman chimneys and fireplaces, Spanish chimneys and fireplaces, Mediterrean chimneys and fireplaces, Rumford chimneys and fireplaces, Contemporary chimneys and fireplaces and modern contemporary and fireplace design.

Whether you are just starting your fireplace project or are well into it, Authentic Fireplaces will take care of any and all fireplace needs you have-from pulling building permits to finding the perfect finishing touches.

A little bit of Masonry Fireplace history

Masonry fireplaces have been around for hundreds of years. In todays market, it is important that you find a reputable fireplace and chimney masonry company. A company that is dependable, with the highest level of workmanship, and truly shows diligence in the care of your home, fireplace and chimney.

In San Diego from 1880 through 1940, most fireplaces and chimneys have been built according to “Articles from Home Heating” by Benjamin Franklin, which was written about 225 years ago. In 1927 San Diego, the first Unform Building Code required masonry flue liners but were most used until 1940.

The new version of the same design have steel rebar, dampers, solid pour around the liners, FHA earthquake straps, an outside air vent, with hard fired brick on the chimney or concrete block. We also use refractory firebrick for the firebox, special refined clay, silicates with rich fine sand. The firebricks we use are shipped in from Ohio for us from a 1900 foundary who still make antique firebrick.